How Does The PreSale Work?

We will have two separate PreSales. Our first PreSale will be the “Land Pack PreSale” on 22nd July. We are calling this the Early Adopter Sale. You are able to buy land tiles in packs. There are 5 different packs that you can purchase. We created the pricing of the packs in a way that everyone can find the right pack for their wallet. In order to prevent whales buying all the land tiles for 0.01 BUSD, we have set a limit on how much land we can sell. Next Earth is limited to sell 1.8m BUSD worth of land in the Pack Presale. In the Early Adopter Sale we want to reward all people who are joining our project first. That’s why we are selling land tile for a 90% discounted price and giving advantages to them. By buying packs in the Early Adopter Sale, pack owners will get advantages in the Land PreSale. They will be able to buy land directly from the map 2 hours before everyone else, and for 3 times as much of their pack worth in BUSD.

The second PreSale will be the “Land PreSale” on the 12th August. This will be the first time that users are able to buy land directly from the map. All the pack owners will have a huge advantage in getting the best possible land, since they will be able to start buying directly from the map, 2 hours before others. Everyone will be limited to purchasing a maximum of 10.800 land tiles. Our pricing algorithm will start to function so the land tile prices are going to increase. Since this function is calculating all the land sold on our platform, it will add all the land sold in the Land Pack PreSale. We have set a limit on this sale, in order to protect our community from whales, and give chances to people who are coming later.

Next Earth is a blockchain based metaverse community, where you can buy and sell lands on a virtual Earth.